Playing with light – the Long Gallery


Going for a little atmosphere

the infill, theinfill - Long Gallery, Jacobean dolls house, lighting

Pic taken at 06:00 with blinds drawn so looks a little odd with no light coming through the window itself – more like a pelmet light than external – but with daylight it does look better

the infill, theinfill - Long Gallery, Jacobean dolls house, lighting


All the walls of the gallery are held up with clothes pegs at the moment upon a fixed balsa framework, so all walls are shift-able to some extent within the limitations of the balsa.  I put the phrasing that loosely because, being balsa, at least it can be cut back easily or even cut out and replaced if necessary and is still extremely strong once the card or foam-board walls are up.  It’s also very easy to cut further holes in the framework for any wiring/lights not running in the spaces provided for them in the ‘master plan’.  The floor is a floating sheet added for the long plank perspective.

Having decided against a ceiling light in the Long Gallery, which, one way or another, was going to have a ‘fussy’ ceiling anyway,  I’ve settled on a little daylight from the windows with the odd floor standing lamp along the length of the room to provide extra pools of light.

There’s already a hidden light outside a downstairs window but I didn’t take to the look of it either inside or out.  This  time I thought I’d try to conceal it internally within the depth of the window embrasure.


  • LED from Micro Miniatures 1x white + 1 x  warm white
  • A little white paint to reduce the brightness of the white strip
    • (You can always scratch off a little to bring back some brightness – I think I’ve scratched too much off one of the LEDs before setting it in place but I’ll have to live with it)
  • A wedge-shaped piece of wood or card to angle the lighting strips to shine inwards a little
  • A wood strip cut like an angled very wide toothed comb
  • As much distance from the light as possible in the confined space
the infill, theinfill - Long Gallery, Jacobean dolls house, lighting

Slanted cuts at varying angles to try to give a little more of a  “sun’s rays” look to the lighting strips. (You can just make out the strips behind the openings.)

the infill, theinfill - Long Gallery, Jacobean dolls house, lighting

Here (at my eye level) you can see the ‘combing’ mask.
Jointed backstools from Ashwood Design Miniatures
Hall table from Mini Bijou from their Tudor furniture range

A ‘by-the-way

At this height in the model my chin just reaches over the floor level (a bit of a “Kilroy was here” sensation).  So it’s tippy-toe work and booster step operations.  One day there’s gonna be a tumble!

the infill, theinfill - Long Gallery, Jacobean dolls house, lighting

And for those who’ve achieved 5′ 2″

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