A new year – a new fireplace


No point waiting any longer for weather to turn and workspace to be better temp, so it is with blue fingers and nose that I wish you an extremely belated happy new year.

theinfill - Great Hall upper room late medieval style fireplace

Previously made for upper room but poss better elsewhere as bit to ‘domestic’.  This upper room is a men only preserve and might be better with a stone effect construction.

theinfill - Medieval,Tudor,Jacobean,Elizabethan dolls house

Das clay attempt mounted on thin card to be trimmed later. It is shorter than the original and will have the bare stone blocks of the chimney showing above.

theinfill - Medieval,Tudor,Jacobean,Elizabethan dolls house

Coloured with pastel stick shavings and smoothed in with white glue and water. Photo taken under old electric lamp gives warm colouring.

theinfill - Medieval,Tudor,Jacobean,Elizabethan dolls house

Under cold March daylight it takes on a greyer stone appearance. Doll’s house lighting will be shadowed and slightly yellow so will be interesting to see.

Aching to get on with other rooms in the model but determined to complete more of dratted Great Hall extension before doing so, the time has come to faff around with fireplaces.

I had prepped one a little earlier but think it possibly would be better in the ‘Arnolfini‘ portrait bedroom so have dragged out the Das clay and pastel sticks to have a go.

Finished item has a melted, playdoh look but might just do the job, despite its wobbly Wuthering Heights appearance.

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