theinfill - dolls house blog - Great Hall in two halves

Added a panel and shield below window – the chest is from Ashwood Design Miniatures
The chest and shield paneling on this side are at the edge of one half of the two part Great Hall

The structure of the Great Hall and the upper room over part of it is like an egg that breaks into two fairly equal parts.  So instead of an outer wall that can be removed or hinged away to view the workings/scenes of the house, there is a largish section of the model that is removable and that can stand alone as a two room construction.  When put together they make a totally hidden world – an idea I particularly enjoy.  These shots are taken through the entrance hall doorway or unglazed window, down the length of the joined Hall.

theinfill - dolls house blog - Great Hall in two halves

Put both halves of Great Hall together with lighting on to see what’s what – is that a light leak visible on the right?
You can make out the chest and shield on the right here where the light leak is, and the other half continues, up the platform step, into the  stonework second half with fireplace and stained glass windows.

theinfill - dolls house blog - Great Hall in two halves

(Forgot to turn the fires on)
The stonework half has a lower ceiling to accommodate an upper room. This will have a paneling viewing section matching the woodwork around the upper walls of the other half and at about the level of the balcony/gallery

Some low light photography here, but the lights down the far end will be brighter eventually when running on the mains and not batteries.

Checking on the hidden world as go along


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