theinfill - Medieval, Tudor to Jacobean dolls house - leather scrips and bags for 1:12 dolls

Spent part of the afternoon messing with bits of leather in order to build the beginnings of a store of doll accoutrements.  Today it’s bag type things, tomorrow I’d better do knife holders and sheaths.

It’s amazing how many clothes pegs you can use on this kind of job, to hold mini bits together whilst you get a needle and thread to them or wait for the glue to take.  Going to need some bigger bags too – the smallest here is approx half an inch and the largest about two and a half, but there’s a need for open ‘bin’ shaped ones too for visible documents and general storage .

Purses, pouches scrips and stuff bags


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    • Hi Katy. Great to hear from you and sorry I don’t have any for sale but you can get them on eBay I think. Each is just a scrap of fabric/leather folded either like an envelope, or cut in a sort of oval and gathered round, or is a rectangle folded up. I use glue to hold the seams and sewing cottons or thin cord to stitched/glued in place for fastenings. I also make sure that there’s some room under the flap or in the drawstrings to hang the item or stitch it to a belt. Again apologies for not having any to sell and all the very best 🙂

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