1/12th scale figure – trying to add a feeling of movement


Figure 3: 

woman 1

I bought a kit on eBay containing  head/bust, hands/arms and feet/legs along with pipe-cleaners and wadding and proceeded with, what seems to be, my usually ‘botch-up’ build, adding stomach and seat areas to help support the clothing.  She’s quite a C 20th faced individual, looking a little like she’s stepped out of a Beryl Cook painting.

The idea is to make her activity/posture interesting enough to catch the eye of the Young Man Amongst the Roses leaning nonchalantly on the pillar across the Great Hall.

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Firstly the legs were replaced by a bare, tiptoe pair to assist the stretching idea.  I decided to make only the top part of her shift, get it on the arms for added strength and then add the skirt part just prior to the under-kirtle.  The stockings are from the fine cotton jersey you get in underwear and the idea of the leather sandal shape was nicked from an old costume book we have.  No idea how accurate it is but it was going to be these or some form of clog and I went for the easier.

Oh, and why is she like that?  She will be balancing trying to hang verdant decoration on this side of the Great Hall, doing her bit for the household festivities (whatever they are).

Not yet made the decision whether to leave her face as is.  Probably will but add a wide edge wrap of linen around the face to augment the folded linen cloth being used as cap.


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