Start the day with an input of umph

– stumpwork embroidery, a reblogged find

I love the history of embroidery and its uses.  This is wonderful work. Glowing colours and raised embroidery – don’t fancy having to try it by candle or rush light, that’s for sure. Many sites out there on methods and history – this site is one of my favourites and also Kay Dennisstumpwork gallery of modern pieces.
I hope you enjoy these jewels of craftwork as much as I do – they truly brighten up my day  🙂

Janet Granger's Blog

A few months ago, I wrote a series of blog posts about a stumpwork bride’s bag that I was making, that featured foxglove flowers made out of needlelace worked over a half cone stick.

I explained that I’d bought my half cone sticks years ago, and that they weren’t that easy to get hold of, now. I subsequently did some research, and found a few stockists. But recently, a woodturner called Bruce Bassett who lives in Utah contacted me for advice, as he’s been asked to make some half cone sticks to add to his range of lacemaking tools, a few of which he recently began selling on Etsy [ EDIT November 2013: the Etsy shop is no longer active – please email Bruce instead – see below]  and the items he’s come up with are really lovely. Look!

They are available in five sizes, and the finish is really smooth.

He also sells a couronne…

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