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Just ridden in and covered in mud – Part I

from nice, clean lad to dusty Elizabethan

I bought this engaging redhead some time ago for a particular scene/interaction I’d in mind.  Lots of bits of ideas are inspired/nicked from paintings of and around the chosen time span, and ‘Young man amongst the roses’ by Nicholas Hilliard, planted the idea of a leaning figure, being a bit of a poser and possibly viewing the activities of others.  So that is where we’re trying to get with this fella.

  • pose needs deciding on and trying with figure ‘as is’ to assess sewing and sticking needs
  • he’s too thin – needs more stomach and seat
  • sideburns need removing and further hair adding
  • eyelids need adding
  • shiny black boots need covering up
  • all skin needs darkening and possibly dirtying

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Decided he’d just ridden in and was caked in mud and dust.  Any visible white clothing would be mucky too.

The doublet has slashing down it, only the bottom bits still visible.  He’s got nice cut rolled shoulders to his doublet but you’d have to pick him up to see them.  Superfluous work but I got carried away and enjoyed myself.

Still needs belt, pouch, knife etc and his cloak needs teasing out a bit, plus the pillar he’s leaning on needs floral dressing too.  And he’s another one who’d benefit from a touch of hair gel or wax.


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