whilst waiting for glue to go off.

Been busy-busy doing maths and angles re walls and ceilings, not to mention drawing route maps for wiring.

Proceeding with the upper room over half the Great Hall, the walls had not been completed to their necessary height, so whilst the woodwork for this dries seemed a good time to dig out the lighting gel and work on the look of the various torch style lights.  Gel, cut and shaped does seem to add to the overall finish of both the homemade light and, surprisingly, I quite like it on the Ray Storey lovely torch too.  It adds a little more ‘body’ to both the lights and gives the impression of spreading the illumination that little bit further.

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Working on improving light effects


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  1. Beautiful work….Americans just don’t have the passion for miniatures like the Brits..over here it’s a generational fad that comes and goes,every 10 years or so….Train sets are the big thing here, mainly because they are considered masculine and all boys love models..It’s rare to find men building houses, unless they are architects. Here’s a link to my Painted Lady,a widely used term here when referring to 19th. century Victorian. My hotel has been growing for 30 years..a winter pastime. A collection of items that are of the right scale…including those figurines and all sorts of other precious items. here’s the link…

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    • Just looked at some of your flickr site. Oh, wow. 30 yrs or no 30 yrs just how do you do it and how big is it now? It’s funny that you mention less passion for miniatures in the States cos I always find the standard of US work much higher, the items made more varied (well as long as you want something Colonial) and the articles on the web re the shows and get togethers quite breath taking. Thanks so much for the link to your photos – really wonderfully complex – and thanks so much for dropping by.

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