Trying my hand at ‘furniture’


Boxes of scrap to be used up

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The urge to make a clerk’s writing slope/desk to go with the area that’s currently being worked became too strong to resist, and, in an endeavour to stop spending needlessly, I rooted through the boxes of scrap wood that have been created in the making process to-date.  When I say boxes, they are washed and polished up food trays – the sometimes unavoidable packaging that has become part and parcel of the purchase of food however much you try to avoid it.  Must be half a dozen of these trays in use on the shelves, each with different sizes and types of scrap – well sort of.

There are bits of balsa, pine/redwood from timber bought at DIY supermarkets, lollipop sticks, pieces of broken wood boxes as well as ends of specially purchased 1/12 scale timbers and banister spindles.

The spindles have been squared off at the interesting bits to make them less bulbous and all has been sanded and stained, though to look at it now, you wouldn’t think so.  The whole needs a good rub down again before a final reseal.

The surface (the lollipop sticks) has been distressed and has some vandals initials in it; the foot rest area has been worn down and overall it looks like it’s been continuously in use through a series of right-handed clerks who wear thick leather, buckled belts with the various paraphernalia of their craft hanging from it, along with an eating knife and possibly keys: ie I’ve worn down the right side of the surface a little, making the wood look slightly lighter and chamfered the underside of the front right edge where the clerk(s) might lean more.

Thinking the ‘story’ through whilst building is extremely enjoyable and, though the desk is no masterpiece, and I reckon the legs look more than a shade too spindly, it might do the job.    Must get more practice at the woodworking in an attempt to produce something that doesn’t look as though I fell asleep in the middle.  Getting better, but the finished item is nowhere near what I’m aiming at.  Hmmm.


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    • Thanks, you’re v kind. It’s horribly rough and hack-cut, but, as long as it stays in one piece I’ll probably use it. Am determined to get better – must try harder.

      I really enjoyed making it and solving its construction like a puzzle. On with the next puzzle 😉

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