Progressing on the half finished items



Great Hall and upper room


with an aim to finish these more or less


Work was not progressing, more of a spiraling around one or two details, so I’ve taken the plunge and moved on to the various jetted platforms around the upper room over the Great Hall.  There is a moral to this tale – it is unwise to look at photos of historical buildings on the web and start thinking “yes, please!”.  It was Stokesay Castle that did it for me. Do click on the link and you will see why.  There are many images of the place available, but the platformed items at the end of the old Great Hall at Stokesay lodged in my imagination and brought on an attack of the impossibles.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The platform pieces have been cut out and partially prepared for a number of months, along with some of the support system to hold them in place and hopefully take the weight, ever since I spotted Stokesay.  To limit the overall weight I decided to use foam board for the walls and try to coat them enough to make them fairly sturdy and withstand small knocks.


The slideshow covers most of the activity:


  • modifying the top of the tower to take the embedded support
  • making sure the supports actually did their job
  • sealing inner edge of floor to top edge of tower with wood filler ‘stone blocks’
  • cutting out and chamfering the edges of the foam board so that the walls will fit together
  • one section of wall being curved, it’s roughly scored down to allow fold
  • trying them in place
  • painted outers with a mix of various shades plus white glue and white wood filler
  • dirtying up both inner and outer walls and making outer blend with one already on this face of building
  • the wood pieces inside and out are a mix and match of all the ‘waste’ items sitting the little tubs I keep lying around plus strips of floorboard
  • Now we wait for the glue to dry and see if the walls will stand whilst there’s not yet connecting other walls.


English: Stokesay Castle. Looking south





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