There are days you realise you should get out more often …


when you’ve spent part of your afternoon drilling mini holes in mini beams for mini pegs in mini walls, might be such a day.

theinfill - Medieval, Tudor to Jacobean doll's house blog

theinfill - Medieval, Tudor to Jacobean doll's house blog

With a kebab stick stained with Jacobean wood stain in one hand and a miniature drill in the other and a hammer standing by for that final touch:  surely there’s a more sensible way to spend ones time, dya think?

However, the brickwork got started too.  This seems to be an excellent method for producing bricks and I would strongly recommend it, bearing in mind that my knowledge of such things is very limited.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The tutorial for this method can be found here – egg box bricks   and there’s another very interesting one linked off the same site which uses paper clay.  Seems to be available from most craft outlets online.  A variant on the DAS clay type of approach; it certainly looks smoother surfaced.  It ‘s interesting and I may yet have a go at it if patience and/or the egg boxes run out, though it might give a less textured appearance and I fancy the texture of the egg box card.

Looking the slideshow over, it is such a pity that even matt sealant leaves the surfaces gloss.  Makes me want to scratch it to bits.  There must be a solution out there so, when found make a note.


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