Quick look see


between shifting full-sized bricks and mixing pug

(no cruelty to dogs involved)

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean Great Hall - homage to Holbein's 'The Ambassadors'

Planning towards a 1616(ish) version of an homage to Holbein’s
“The Ambassadors”.

As court cupboard top is far smaller side to side than in the painting, I was concerned about just how big an item it might take and therefore what needs to be made and how small.  Shoving together what was stored away and holding up a badly crumpled piece of silk, I took a quick image to see if it’s ever going to get vaguely on the tracks I’d like it to be.

Well, lute’s are a bit big, but will ‘do’.  Might get some of whatever I can make or buy towards the nautical and other scientific instruments on the top level and at least add a pair of map reading calipers on the bottom.  Colouring is not too far off either, I reckon.  Might just be able to make something out of this.  Not good but can be made better.

Back to the bricks.

Holbein Ambassadors

Holbein Ambassadors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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    • Thanks so much for such a kind comment and for taking the time.
      Most kind, but looking a little like something thrown rather than settled, don’t ya reckon?
      Thanks for dropping by, much appreciated 😉

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