Likely leading to more of same

I’ve deferred the soft furnishings for the moment in favour of the odd bit of small/major works.
So far it’s a window, high up – drying and setting in place.

theinfill - Great Hall Medieval to Jacobean - addition of a window

Belatedly adding a window

Having added bits of tape here and there to protect certain areas, I cut through the wall and recessed the window a little so that it sticks out fractionally on the outer wall.

The window is the round-topped mullion from Romney Miniatures with added splayed internal reveals, a little like in some of the very early medieval windows, and with a plain rounded top above the frame.   Hopefully the reveals will give a little more light and provide a larger area for shadow from the leads in the window.  I decided on the oblong acetate for the glass being plainer and less distracting than the other choices to hand.

Just waiting for the whole thing to dry off and will paint all of the inside of the window white, ‘stone’ frame included, to give a painted plaster look.

Quite pleased with the result.  It adds a little reality and also a greater sense of height to the Hall.  Looking that bit more ‘the thing’.

Going off at a tangent with additions


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    • Bits and bobs – am saving for a bundle of those wonderful Tudor pots they’ve got. I tend to buy from around and about and then v often muck them up/around one way and another cos they’re not quite what I’ve got in my minds eye. Sometimes it works more or less and sometimes not. I’m particularly fond of the builder’s merchants section of the Romney site for useful things generally, tho other sites have some of the same things. Thanks so much for dropping ‘in’ 😉

    • Me too – I’m just messing about and showing things that sort of look OK at time of photo. It’s all a balancing act really. But I do enjoy it 🙂 Thanks so much for dropping by

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