Another door off the tick list


Family dining room door off Great Hall

This room was semi ‘done’ some months back and subsequently had a curtain across the doorway added.  As it didn’t look up to much I decided to make a door in something that might ‘go’ a little better with the style of the panelling around the room (see The influence of too much information).

theinfill - 1/12th scale dolls house oak flooring boardsThe door opening measurements are not period it’s not wide enough in theinfill - 1/12th scale panelled door from obeche and floorboardingproportion to its height, however I gave it a go.  Using an oak floor board sheet, I cut various trips and laid them on an obeche wood background.  Both were coloured over with Georgian oak wood stain with a wipe down as it were, with some Jacobean darker oak stain and a little mid grey chalk pastel afterwards to make sure the grain of both the floor boarding and the obeche were darkened.

The result, whilst not outstanding, does a job of work and its colour blends in better than the strange curtain it had before.

Taking close up images doesn’t half show up the gaps, damaged areas and items forgotten on the way.  It’s also interesting how much more I now expect of a ‘finish’ than just less than a year ago.  Progress, perhaps?

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