Back to being distressing about a door – at last


It’s been so long since there’s been time to myself that there was a definite need to ‘read the story so far’ when I picked up the work.

During this 6 week hiatus, many plans, designs and layouts had come and gone on the drawing board of the mind and finding I’d left all the items to hand for the thoughts at the moment of leaving last time, it was all a bit of a jigsaw.

The decision was to use some amdcrafts’ fret cuts and applied strips of wood, the idea of a more gothic arch shaped top having been jettisoned as too much all together.  If any over doing it is going to occur then it will be in colour, I think, and that only on the Hall face of the door.

The laying on of hinges is always a ‘do’ along with where the large hinge straps will fall within an intricate pattern on the face of the door.  Having plumped for a particular manoeuvre, I set to work.

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean Great Hall doorway plan

Hands still stiff from more gross work and I couldn’t hold the mini items very well.  It took all morning to figure out a modus for working with the muddle.

Not beautiful, but adequate, here are a few images of the result – greyscale as the heaviness of the door seemed to call for it.theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean Great Hall doorway - detail of lock

Four fret cuts for panels, door furniture on block of wood for large lock, lopsided studs (such as they are) on strips applied to door. The door opens this way. Studs are dress maker’s pins, cut and inserted.

Not too bothered by the block of wood still looking like one for the lock as mechanism supposed to be inside.  The metal ‘whatsit’ at top left of lock is a piece left over from a latch/sneck furniture set which is added here to represent a slide for an internal lock bolt and is an attempt to add further verisimilitude to a mini block of wood.

The finish has dried surprisingly shiny considering it’s matt varnish.  I had in mind the well sealed finishes to be seen on current day images of old doors.  Those are now black and this one still has its wood colouring.  Not sure about the level of shine though.

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean Great Hall door 1/12 th scale outer face

Across entrance hallway

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean Great Hall doorway - 1/12th scale door outer face

From stair half landing


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    • Ah, all the footsteps and all the hours scrubbing the stairs – bound to be worn down with wear – at least sanding them kept me out of mischief. Going for definite twee on the other side, I’m afraid. Great to hear from you 🙂

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