Extras – a mix of craft tool, and not

In carrying out tasks we each develop preferences for certain tools and methodologies.  My current 3 ‘best friends’ are:

theinfill - the essential garden kneeler - helpful handicraft tools

The essential (grubby) garden kneeler

I have a tallish stool and a low stool, but for the present the garden kneeler should be strapped to me.  My knees are not what they used to be at 60+ and counting and I intend to keep hold of them for as long as possible – hence the kneeler for protection.

theinfill - poker, prier and manet catcher - helpful handicraft tools

Bent nosed tweezers - used for cleaning out small spaces, holding things in place, catching and placing minute magnets and generally scratching around. A veritable third hand for lightweight items.

Its sister, the straight nosed, is equally useful but not put in play quite as often.  They are the press to release variety so they will hold light items without being squeezed.

theinfill - cheap baby wipes - helpful handicraft tools

Cheap baby wipes - for cleaning and wiping down those little areas etc

What can I say?  Never used them on a child but … Very useful indeed – for wiping off excess glue, instrument ends, work tiles and mats, spills, stains (hence the mark on the packet flap) and scooping up all the floaty bits of wood, paper and card that can be so difficult but which you can’t vacuum for fear of taking something vital in at the same time.  Because they tend to be slightly hairy, the frass catches in the fibres and can be neatly wrapped up in a used, dry wipe before binning.  So they do get used many times over.  All good stuff, as long as your skin can tolerate them and worries about waste and the environment aren’t riding your conscience too much on the day.

I hereby highly recommend all 3 of these items for your consideration.

Some essential helpmates


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