Medieval with touches of Tudor update


Great Hall to office divide

As the last Great Hall posting more or less ended with the office side of the divide, we might as well start there.theinfill - shields carved with strange devices

Bottom edges of the panels have been supported and sealed against the shield-shaped strips, into which I’ve carved (badly) various, semi heraldic and strange devices.  They also provide a little ledge onto which it may be possible to glue/balance the odd relevant office item.

Top edges have also been supported and sealed and the addition of an easily removable ceiling beam, in a bit of an L shape, houses the wiring for the small Ashwood torch as it runs along and out of the wall on the right.  This beam is an interference fit on the ones running at right angles to them and takes 2 hands to remove, so it ain’t going to drop of its own accord – I don’t think.

I will be removing the Ray Storey torch on the right of the photo and putting up an Ashwood hanging wall lamp.  The plan at the moment is to put the Ray Storey ones into the other (pretend stone) half of the Great Hall.

theinfill - Great Hall side of the Medieval - Tudor dividing wall

and the Great Hall side – not sure that the shield on the left will remain as in the way of a possible hanging and looks cramped already.  Bottom edges of panels to finish off yet to be added.

theinfill - Great Hall minstrel gallery/landing

Have added the shields to the gallery/landing too.  Poss throw a rug or some festoon over part of an edge of this (?)

theinfill - Great Hall Medieval to Tudor - minstrel gallery/landing

Overall it’s beginning to get more of a useful atmosphere

theinfill - Great Hall Medieval to Tudor styling

And the inevitable long shot – the wire is lying there as used for leading light wire through holes.

I find the long shots useful for spotting things, such as where light is getting in when it possible shouldn’t, what I’ve missed, what isn’t as pleasant as it looked closer up etc etc.  Here the long curtain to the steps has to be put up and generally hangings provided here and there.  Then there’s any furniture plus rushes strewn around near the kitchen and any dining area too.

The day will come, honestly and all being well, when I might just get that far.  And will I continue to fiddle – well of course I will.


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    • Most kind. Am sorting out the door haning een as we speak but won’t trust myself to do any cutting or sewing till a fresh day – no point tempting the clutz gremlins 🙂

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