The passing of the last cat


Tickle and family

For those who have kindly put up with my saga of the aging cat, Tickle died today.  Here she is in one of her favourite sleeping places:  the garden riddle.

Allow me to present to you ‘Cat in a Basket’.

Looks excruciatingly uncomfortable, doesn’t it?  I kept expecting to find her coat marked in a diced pattern on one side when she woke up, whilst watching the whole paraphernalia sway slightly from side to side as she breathed (it being a slightly curved sieve) made more than a little queasy.

theinfill - Tickle in a sieve

She was 17 and one of a family 3 cats that came to us by accident.  Her mother (Mrs) died last year at 19½ and her brother (Buster) 5 years ago aged 12, from cancer.  Never having lived with pets before, this last 17  years has been a strange experience; a mix of fun and worry.  I’m deeply grateful for their company and shall miss them all.  And no, before you ask, we are not inviting any others to come and join us.

theinfill - Mrs - mother of the cats


theinfill - Buster, brother to Tickle

Buster, the eternal poser



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  1. it’s always sad when an animal dies but it sounds as though Tickles had a lovely life. We have four cats (all rescue ones) and I have to say, I can’t imagine life without them.

    • We are having a bit of an odd day today, I must admit. Not sure what it’ll be like of in the evening without a cat either. It is sad but she couldn’t have gone on much longer. We’d have been taking her to a vet in a day or two probably, but she died peacefully at home, so what more can we ask. Thanks for dropping by.

      • Family doing fine, cats as crazy as always. Had a short break between the first and second terms – just a week, but better than nothing. The writing is coming on better. I actually received a few crits on one of the writing sites, one in particular was very helpful and shook loose a few ideas on a book that has been jammed solid for years. I had ‘finished’ it in that I had actually written ‘the end’ but I was never happy with it.

        How are things in your part of the world? Spring springing and all the rest? We are moving into winter. 😛

        • Great to hear from you. Spring is being very Aprilish with quick changes from sun to rain etc. Most noticable at the moment is the increase in woodpecker activity around us, particularly first thing in the morning as they road drill at the dying wood. It’s a heck of a way to wake up, I can tell you. Just how cold does your winter get, anyway? 🙂

      • About minus 5 is usually the worst, but it tends not to last. It can be fairly warm during the day. We do get cold snaps, but again, three or four days and it warms up. We get very little snow – I can only remember seeing it six or seven times in my life – but that’s more because we are a summer rainfall area. We do a great line in thunderstorms! A British immigrant I used to work with said the first time they saw a Highveld thunderstorm, her youngest daughter wanted to go back home – to England!

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