Great Hall and office partition wall


A quick update

Having made the 3 panels (2 cut through and one blank) and added the light, it’s time to try them out for a final fitting.  Each is made in by a different method:  partly to do with learning process and partly purely for experimentation.  The first cut out one, far left, is made from one piece of obeche cut out to hold the window.  The second is a blank, non-cutout panel of obeche and the third is a piece of card with obeche strips applied to both sides to give the wood face to the panel. Edgings top and bottom both sides of the wall still to be added to all of them.  I reckon it’s beginning to look a little more the period piece with a dash of the Medieval inherited architecture.  I certainly prefer it to the glazed window look.

theinfill - Great Hall - Guild Hall - Medieval to Tudor

theinfill - Great Hall - Guild Hall - trying out Medieval panels

Small top and bottom splats to be put in on all three to hold in place and finish off rough edges. (And I’ve fixed that floating strip of wood on the middle one)

theinfill - Great Hall - Guild Hall office Medieval to Tudor

Entrance hallway/office side of the dividing wall. Photo taken before the removable top beam is put up, providing the boxing for the lighting cable. Am thinking of adding some decoration or more likely office necessaries to the blank faced panel.

The torch light is from Ashwood Designs Miniatures and is one of the 2 sizes they do.  I’ve used 2 of the larger and 2 of the smaller in refurbishing the lighting in the Great Hall.

theinfill - Great Hall - Guild Hall - 4 torches by Ashwood Design Miniatures

Taken pre panels


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  1. I just wanted to say hello and how much I’m enjoying following your blog. I’m a self-taught crafter, my latest project is a 1/12 scale potting shed which I’m enjoying even if it’s very fiddly. Your project is amazing!

    • Hi to you too 🙂 Most of what I like playing at is self taught too, tho I don’t think I’m as careful and finished as you are at your craft work. Your potting shed is great and v detailed and precise. You say you are cackhanded and so am I – and literally so too for many things: writing sawing, drawing but not painting or carving. Go figure – I certainly can’t explain it. Thanks so much for dropping by. I’ve signed up with you too.

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