Still miniaturing on


… but there’s sunshine and the garden calls

Taking a lunch break from the weeding, I’ve snatched a quick bowl of soup and grabbed one of the monthly miniaturist magazines to which I occasionally treat myself in anticipation in putting in an evening stint on the dolls’ house model.

The soup went cold as I read one of the clearest ‘how to’ pieces I’ve come across in a long time.  As it happens the ideas and design are of particular interest to me but nevertheless, it had an excellent set of instructions matched to images in both parts of the article.

I was reading a ‘how to’ article in Dolls House and Miniature Scene April issue #214.  It had many excellent articles, full of interest and beautifully photographed.

The particular item I was reading with the soup deals with various techniques in the construction of a room box to house a Witches’ Hovel and is written this month by Mike Kelm, with a one to follow next month by Jenny Kelm on techniques for dressing the scene.  (Link to Mike and Jenny Kelm’s website Kastle Kelm Miniatures)

Why the cold soup.  Well, I was too enthralled to keep eating.

There are many very good, well illustrated articles on ‘how to’ in all the magazines and online, but today’s read seemed to me contained the human and the practical in a way that warmly included we beginners.  It was both clear and friendly.

The nervousness of the beginner

Often, when I read articles on ‘how to’ I can become so tense by what I’m being shown that there is probably no way that even on prozac and with a following wind that I’d set out to try it out.  I end up never sure if what I’d just read was less a ‘how to’ than a ‘this is what can be done by others’ piece.

With the piece I read today it all made perfect sense.  Even the second part, which is more advanced, surprisingly didn’t set me off towards a nervous breakdown.

So either I’m getting more relaxed about the delicacies of miniature work, or, more likely, this is indeed an excellent article to which I happened to respond well, today and in the sunshine.  Either way, I heartily recommend it to anyone working on anything witchy, rural or pre-Georgian in the miniature line.


To the kind people who occasionally follow this blog, the point and squirt photography blog is still going on with a mini piece about perception at theinfillclicks.  Which way on do you view things?


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