More knapping than napping


Well not knapping either

The imaginary 1/12th scale folk in the imaginary 1/12th scale building under construction need imaginary 1/12th scale ‘arrangements’.

Not a garde robe

But definitely a matter of gardylooThe upper room over half the Great Hall is for the meeting of members of the Guild, the planning of future ventures in trading and a more relaxing business area generally with a couple of truckle beds thrown in for ‘over nighters’.

All these men will need ‘arrangements’ – if only to discourage the use of windows and room corners generally.  Am I being disgusting?  Not trying to be, just somewhat historically truthful. (Never mind history – just beware of where you walk on any Friday/Saturday night after the pubs and clubs close in any town or city nowadays, too.)  I know, I know, it’s only a model – but then again nerd-dom is beckoning.

First thoughts were of a garde robe but they aren’t hanging their ermine in the area so it wasn’t going to be that.
Second thoughts were more on the lines of a bucket that can be chucked out – from where(?).  Windows; which takes us back to the above comments of after pub closing.
Third thoughts added the opportunity to ‘flush’ the thrown waste down a floor level hole in the very narrow wall at the side of the wattle and timber and jetting.

What difference is there in this to chucking it out of the window?  Well, any imaginary person taking a stroll around the outer wall and into the narrow angle between chimney and jetting deserves what they get.  Ah, imagination is a wonderful thing and an amazing time waster too.

Flushing with pride

Using the garde robe/toilet idea of a hole over a drop into the moat, I decided to leave a gap at the base of the narrow side wall next to the chimney stack. Fit it with a gutter/runnel out and possibly even house it on the outer wall face through the mouth of one of the many silly Fimo faces made months ago. When in imaginary use, a bucket is provided for personal arrangements and a further one can then be used with fresher water to throw down the shoot and cleanse a little further.

Here is what happened

First catch your slate – it was a much smaller piece than this, of course

piece of roofing slate

Knap/file/chisel into profile needed – carve a gutter/runnel down its length; all the while wearing a mask, please – so much dust.

Enlarge gargoyle mouth area and reduce head area of Fimo face and offer up slate runnel

theinfill - Fimo face with water runnel in slate thro mouth

theinfill - dirty fingers and slate thro gargoyle mouth from back

Fiddle around making the end woodwork needed for this arrangement to fit – that is a small end joist to support the slate as it hangs out of the wall.

Bed slate piece in putty like substance and hope that it sets properly

theinfill - bedding of slate piece from inside for water closet flushing

Whilst this happens, prep the wall areas around this corner for their decoration by cutting lining card as backing for plaster and woodwork yet to be done (as visible in above pic).

As you can see from the following photo, the slate piece looks OK when it sticks out further than the Fimo face will allow.  It possibly needs a squarer, flatter piece if it’s going to have a facing at all.  And there’s my next job decided upon. Leave as is or tart it up?

theinfill - sticking out of side of building - poss better without gargoyle

Plus find another flat, slate type piece (possibly larger stone) to floor the area where the bucket will stand for foul use (and possibly clean one for flushing use).


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