Ambulatory lighting – yes, lights on the move


Meaning:   a whole lot more than ambient

Having claimed to have been doing my homework, now might be a good time to “hand some of it in”, as it were.

Upper hall

The walls on one side of this room were ‘offered up’ quite some time ago but never got themselves actually attached.  Great restlessness was felt in the land over the lights.  This has been followed by further restlessness over the lighting in the Great Hall (both halves) below this upper room.

Obviously time to rejig before anything else gets stuck in place and more unrest breaks out.  Either that or do a long, long stint of yoga followed by a very good massage.

So there’s been a swap round going on

(Have light, will travel – hence the bad ambulatory crack)

theinfill - 01 old lights in place

This has become ...

theinfill - 02 new light

this using a bead cap/end to hold the bulb and lighting gel

theinfill - 03 old layout withlights in place

This layout of panels and lights ...

theinfill - 04 new layout with panels new lights

has become this with a plaster plaque in centre instead of third light, and with two new panels below

theinfill - sticking of the walls -clothes pegs - ktchn wghts

A gamble has been taken and these two walls have finally started their fixing process

Great Hall lighting conundrum

theinfill - 06 Ray Storey light

Lovely, delicate light by Ray Storey is being moved, along with its partner, into the 'stone' half of the Great Hall

theinfill - 07 Ashwood Design Miniatures light

And this equally lovely and more robust looking torch from Ashwood Design Miniatures is taking its place


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