I’m doing my homework,


I really am

It seems ages since there’s been a post on activity on the house model.  It isn’t as if it isn’t being tackled, (almost on a daily basis) so much as there’s a bundle of deep thought going on.  At least that’s the story I’m telling at the moment.

Bits get done from day-to-day and just to prove that there’s been no shirking, here is today’s fiddling around.

Family dining room to Great Hall doorway

theinfill dining room to Great Hall doorwayThe family dining room is decorated in a slightly later fashion in comparison to the Great Hall. When I say slightly it might be as much as 75-100 years apart in styles, I suppose.

I was looking for a kind of tapestry hanging-curtain closing for the doorway between the two rooms rather than a solid door.  More of a draught stopper than anything else.  The opening needs to be made a little lower, I reckon.

The construction is an attempt to combine the hanging and a bit of faux carving overhead as a oner when putting them in place.  The carving is cut from one of the pieces of Fimo produced in Deep Impressions 2.

The finished opening is intended to be about the equivalent of 5 foot high so that your head has to be ducked in order not to brain yourself on entry.  Less draught that way, theoretically.

As ever, the floor needs cleaning.

The hanging

After much caperkerling around with some of the lovely fabrics bought from Jennifer’s of Walsall, I’ve actually gone with a theinfill - v fine muslingtransfer print I’ve done on a piece of very fine muslin – (you know the sort of fabric that those lovely blowing in the breeze and highly impractical curtains are made with, that often appear in ‘catch the feminine side’ adverts.  The ones that come with muslin loops to go on the curtain pole stitched to their tops and used by some folk as the modern-day take on the old net curtain).

The choice of transfer on muslin is a try out for the look of weight in miniature hangings.  It does seem hard to achieve, even with the most suitable of fabrics handled by experienced craft workers.  I’ve spent a great deal of time looking at these and am still not sure what I like and what I don’t want, so this is another of my playarounds.

The transfer tends to make the muslin a little too stiff, but the aim is:

  • to stitch the doorway hanging into the folds that seem appropriate
  • stitch some nice black rings at the top
  • pop a suitably wood-stained kebab stick in place.

The whole will then be suspended from the faux carved pieces by sandwiching a couple of fine leather loops, one at each end of the pole and then between the two sides of the Fimo woodwork carvings.  And the whole will be finished off with a bit of a tie-back made from strands of silk cording re-twisted together and, hopefully more to scale.

Half way results

theinfill - rail - curtain rings - leather pole hangers - faux carving in Fimo

Rail - curtain rings - leather pole hangers - faux carving in Fimo

theinfill - muslin with transfer curtain

Muslin with iron-on transfer print looking too stiff

From the Great Hall side

theinfill - Great Hall to dining room view of hanging closer up

Peeping into the dining room

theinfill - Great Hall to dining room view of hanging

From Great Hall with bit of Medieval tiling

theinfill - longer view of doorway hanging

Within the dining room - view of hanging in doorway

Still to do to this arrangement

  • Well, sweeping the floor (again) wouldn’t go amiss.
  • However much the muslin, post transfer, was washed and scrunched up and how ever little it may look shiny to the naked eye, it still reflects stronger light horribly.  As it’s going to be in candle light, it is to be hoped that it won’t be too annoying.
  • The whole assembly needs securely fastening in
  • There is a definite need to work at it again to get it to look a trifle more natural in the hanging routine.
  • Then move onto the next doorway into the Great Hall

PS:  I’d be very interested to know if these images here are jumbled or more or less seem in order, as it were.  Found that the layout would not behave today – with images ‘leppin’ all over the shop and captions living their own lives – hence the 2 cell table to capture a couple of the images and pin the so-and-sos down. 


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