Take that, you horrid Tudor ice-cream parlour, you


Get out the pick axe
Or another fine example of a fickle fool

Great Hall refurbishment continues

All the pink twirly bits, along with the accompanying green leafy bits, have been ripped out.  They are, however, being hoarded:  even pink twirly bits might yet have their day – on some weird planet or other.

Great Hall ice-cream parlour - theinfill.wordpress.com

Least said …

In their place  on the longest section of wall, there are/might be the following, starting from the top row:

  1. re-‘whitewashing’ in the window frame verticals
  2. small, vaguely heraldic-looking shields wallpapered in place of the strange leaves in the second row
    • – wallpapering with ¾” paper pieces, whilst lying on your side in a small space is fun:  in much the same way as retrieving your post/mail by inserting the whole of your upper body through the letter box to get it might possibly be thought of as fun

Great Hall refurbishment - bit of the Medieval - theinfill.wordpress.com

(The shield design ideas and backgrounds are gleaned from bits of  Medieval manuscripts, reshaped and new ones made up on computer, resized and printed onto ordinary paper.)

Third row

Still trying out possibilities for the bottom level.  Probably leaving with the dirty, streaky yellowing looking under-plaster but investigating alternate panels of repeat pattern and streaky panels first before finally decide.  If it was to be the pattern, then am a bit six and two threes whether the green or the red would be preferable.  I’d lean towards the red, I think, if using further decoration.

theinfill.wordpress.com - Great Hall refurbishment

A little better looking – but I seem to have unfixed the lamp on the left!

The importance of the photo

Taking photos and going through them can be as good as having a second pair of eyes on the job, particularly as you can insert your hand plus camera in places where your eyes can’t go.  I’ve been working on this section for a good part of the day, looking at it, trying to judge what’s going on and if it’s what is wanted, but only on the photos did I see the hanging wall torch, suspended from its wiring.  When standing back and viewing what you are up to, very often  that is all you see – a blinkered view of whatever is under consideration.  Totally missed this damage until now.

Was going to say that there are just two smaller areas of wall to refurbish, thankfully without the various levels, but now it’s ‘first fix the lighting’.


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