Let’s pretend I can carve


Nice bit of yer actual wood carving

Well, nowhere near up to the “nice bit”, but this is the result of yesterday’s work for idle hands and, for some reason, I do find hacking at bits of wood very relaxing.

The pieces that needed making are the left and right items mentioned at the end of previous posting and are an attempt to provide further replacements for the ice-cream parlour’s nasties on the same wall as the DAS figurines, (which are in the last stages of drying).

There’s still some balsa lying around, which is ideal for my level of messing, though does leave an ‘orrible finish.  I find it easy to think with my hands, and maintain the flow of thought when using balsa.  Hopefully, one day, I might get practiced enough to try something that gives a better final result. The pieces used are approximately just under 2″ pre hacking .  In the meantime, here are the results.

Today’s flip cards:

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Flip card thoughts:

  1. Much preferred the look of the ‘carvings’ unpainted but sealed
  2. Was very pleased that was able to make shield sections look as if they were twisting slightly inwards towards each other – even if it can only be spotted under close scrutiny or with a telescope.
  3. The plinths don’t look quite as bad stained as was feared
  4. They blend quite well with the ‘wall panel paintings’ between them and maintain the theme of the panels
  5. Overall they look a little more finished than the ice-cream parlour pillars – so far

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