The Walrus speaks the truth


Great Hall 1 revisited

This section of the Great Hall has not received much TLC since work on the second half of the Hall began; mainly because the calming distance of time was needed before reviewing some of the decoration within it and also because there were, inevitably, one or two decisions that could not be made until the second half had progressed a long way.

Painted and vertical not horizontal 

“The time has come”, indeed, for steeling the nerves and seeing what really needs destroying and replacing in the older part of the Hall and what might be possible to leave as is.

First to go are the ice-cream parlour decorations between the three wall painting panels.  And to replace them, I have a fancy for a little statuary on the odd wall plinth.

theinfill - dolls' house blog Medieval to Jacobean Great Hall

Not so yummy

I’m thinking the middle two of the four could go and be replaced first and then see how it goes from there.

There are some lovely examples of painted wooden and stone statuary in English churches, mostly on tombs but I’m thinking more vertical than horizontal – there are many tombs with kneeling and standing figures as well as supine.

The week started with another injury and am still a little restricted in movement. Sitting is therefore ideal and I can play with DAS clay and make bad statuary quite easily.  It would be fun even if it ends up going nowhere.

theinfill - dolls' house blog Medieval to Jacobean

A preference for very few implements, including knitting machine stitch hook

theinfill - dolls' house blog Medieval to Jacobean Great Hall

First capture your plinth – bought on eBay already painted brown

Playing around with mud like items has always been a great enjoyment, hence the liking for few implements.  The very brown bracket hopefully will get toned down and probably have colouring added to the odd bit of detail.

DAS is great stuff and very relaxing to use.  However, the fibres within it are very distracting and easily confused with the ambient cat hair floating around.  Powerful spectacles are always useful, but you can end up trying to remove fibrous bits which actually ought to be there.

Down to the nitty-gritty

With the usual hubris that I employ when taking on an item beyond my skills, I have a fancy for one figure holding a boat shape and one holding a scroll.

With the addition of damp cloths, a bowl with a little water and plenty of absorbent paper, this is what I got.

One's meant to be a little Medieval and the other a little Tudor Merchant

Two nearly 2″ high, hairy merchants

One’s meant to be a little Medieval and the other a little Tudor Merchant.  As I’m a carver rather than a moulder, they are going to need a little delicate surface adjustment here and there in a couple of days, when dry.  Hopefully some clarity of line might be achieved with a little colour, or, on the other hand the whole thing might well become gash.

theinfill doll's house blog Medieval to Jacobean Great Hall

and a bad digital mock-up of possible look – same man put in twice and sans paint

What to put in place of the other two pillars? Hmm.  Nice bit of yer actual wood carving?

Step one:  first catch your wood carving.

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Plainattyre blog:  These very useful and lovely images were collected with the stated purpose:  “to gather images of English clothing from early Tudor to Early Stuart times, with a focus on the Elizabethan period” and use tomb images almost exclusively.


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