Everybody’s got to be somewhere


Women workers’ sleeping quarters up the ladder from the Kitchen

It was a day for doing housekeeping on the blog and lo and behold I came across a picture on the right of every page that no longer has a solid link to go to.  Now this is not the first time that it seems to have done a runner, so this time I’m giving it a page of its very own.

There had been no individual page for an image of the room above the kitchen to connect with the menu image, as the room is need of further development work.  But it’s waited patiently and deserves its own space.

theinfill - Tudor-Jacobean women workers bedroom above kitchen

At the moment it has two bed spaces, one in the corner being very small and is for a child worker, and one full size.  I had been thinking on the lines of adding one more bed area, but it probably needs a trunk and/or set of baskets for belongings which will need space; and then shawls etc hanging from nails around the room, some candle niches and maybe a rope or lightweight beam for further items to be hung up.  A third bed area will probably clutter the view, even though three would probably share this size of space.

The walls are dirtied over and could do with a little more grime and grease, particularly on upper wall areas and especially the ceiling.  The room will be kept warm by the kitchen below but the smoke, steam and general grease of the kitchen processes, would congregate up here and mark the walls.  The ladder stairs are open treads and have no banister or rail which is fine, until you think of all the animals that are likely to be roaming around and get up here too, such as cats, dogs, and chickens.  For real there would be a need for some guard on the bottom and the stairs would need the treads infilled and a small banister made for at least the bottom steps but I’m rather attached to the open look. (see Kitchen)  So it looks like there’s going to be extra warmth provided up here by wandering livestock.  We could have a gate at the top(?)

theinfill - Tudor-Jacobean female workers bedroom window

I’m quite pleased with the window, which has a horn effect filling.  But it really needs a going over as the horn pieces should not be that big.  I may redo it or add at least one more layer in sections to give the idea of smaller pieces of horn.  It’s cornflake packet liner, by the way, lightly painted over to give it a slightly streaky natural look.

The lighting is placed at ceiling level and in one corner in an attempt to look as though it might be coming from this window and one at right angles to it, yet to be built.  The lighting is not on in this photo. The non-working candle lamp (with the tiniest candle in it) is from Ashwood Design Miniatures.

There is an added shelf holding a cross and flowers above the best bed, and the small trunk will most likely belong to this more senior person.  I’m leaning towards some rushes and herbs on the floor but that may depend on whether another bed is added.   If it is then rushes are going to look just messy.

theinfill - ashwood lamp with mini candle

theinfill - Tudor-Jacobean workers' bedroom above kitchen

The unnecessaries of lifetheinfill - Tudor-Jacobean cobweb from interfacing piece

Around the room are various cobwebs made by semi ripping fine interfacing (the sort you get on a one inch width roll) and judicious sticking of the odd end of it to a likely spot. This blurry image is of the one in the corner above the shelf.

(Well idle fingers will always find something to do for no reason, and I really couldn’t resist the temptation.)

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ps: With cat photo apologies but whilst this is a page for the overlooked, here is the 16½ year-old cat that’s come back to us after 5 years because she’s not so well and she fancies some TLC.  And today she’s eating – yeah!

theinfill - Tickle the cat


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    • Thanks very much, much appreciated. Tickle lived with us for 11 years then decamped one day to the neighbour. She didn’t get on with her brother, Buster, too well and the neighbours cat had just died. After living up the road for 5 years, back she came last March and we realised she wasn’t quite right and was seeking TLC. She’s getting old and has atypical hyperthyriodism and was given to horrendous bouts of cystitis. Going thro a fairly good phase at the mo, taking her pills and eating. She goes thro bad times but always looks far from giving up, so we’re following her lead on what she seems to require and, hopefully we can spot the moment to save her distress: it certainly isn’t yet – she’s on the up!

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