Not quite Christmas lights


Lighting update – keeping track of what’s going on

Having decided that I’d use whatever materials I had in stock, it took two days of trial and error until a decision was finally made as to what to use and whether it was easily repeatable.

theinfill - wooden bead cut into sections for lighting

One whole bead and two ends – central part used for two of the lights so far

This is a bead similar to the one used for the chandelier downstairs in the Great Hall extension, cut in to three sections which gives two matching shapes and an interesting middle section.  It is still a little more chunky than I was aiming at but having got so used to seeing it, and its being such easy handling for my old hands, I’ve reached the stage of ignoring any misgivings.

Using the central hole already in the bead the next stage was to chop off a little of the back to give a flat surface to marry to the wall or light backing.  Then a further hole was drilled towards the top but at right angles to the main shaft so that the wiring could travel a little way down the bead hole and then turn towards the wall and the wiring channel in it.  All the wiring for this section of walling is going upwards.

The bead, backing plate and strange pointy bit are painted both in pewter and black.  The black was too dead a look and the pewter too glittery – but very Christmas-y.  It produced a sort of OK compromise and made a change after all the shades of brown woodwork in the room.  There is also some wax dribbled down the candle.

theinfill - upper Great Hall room 1/12th scale single candle light

Using central section of bead – still too glittery

theinfill - upper Great Hall lighting 1/12th scale single candle

The third light uses top or bottom of bead

theinfill - upper room over Great Hall extension - lighting being added

Two the same and one different and at different height too

The plaster work upwards of the candle flames needs making smoky and there’s still a small section of upper wall (approximately 3 cm x 3 cm) which still needs some plaster ornamentation.  The odd light next to this area is at a different height to the other two as there is a plan for a few steps up to a platform.

All lights have been tested four or five times during the process of making and affixing, so hopefully they will still be operative when the wall gets put in place – one can only hope.

Today was the fourth or fifth time we’ve had to take the cat to the vet and, oh boy, are we going to have to buy new carpeting by the time kitty has finished with us.  Who would have thought that such a small cat could have so much to distribute all over the rolling acres?


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