Is there really any planning going on?


Going for some serious cheating

I have, ready mixed, a plaster/paint of beautiful consistency and ideal colour.  I can’t face it.  I’ve been putting off decorating the inside of the first infill external walls and would like to affix them before they receive damage.  (see Slide into visualising):  but first they must be decorated or mayhem will break loose with paint and glue and me all mixed up in it.

Sneakiness is all

What with cat sitting, I’ve had an understandable ‘put off’ but it can go on no longer!  Forward with plan B.  Panelling and pretend fancy plaster strips are going to be the way forward.  I think.  No paint – ah, the magic words.

This planning is for work on the inner side of this wall:

Pargetted infill on outer wall

And the other side of the wall looks like this at the moment

other side of infilled wall

Fireplace and jetted corner end (minus corner walling)

inner side of infilled walling

Right hand end of inside of wall

Playing with a general design and extrapolating the possibilities

  1. Research is a vital springboard for my imagination – and then I horribly distort the history and add lots of fantasy, whilst trying to stick to my own rules.
  2. I like to think through the possibilities and then cut them back to the more or less practical.
  3. Imagining living characters within a planned environment helps me with the whole design process (which doesn’t mean that I’ll get it right)

The imaginings after research

So, come with me up the headroom restricted spiral stairs and into the upper Great Hall room. This is supposed to be some sort of meeting, discussion, research and planning environment for our sort of Merchant Adventurer type folk of the imaginary Guild.

I’m dreaming of one area of racks and shelves for maps, scrolls, the odd drawer of membership documents and ownership deeds, with a few books thrown in and tables, stools and benches; or something of that ilk  around most of the rest of the area.  I’m hoping to put in a small alcoved, curtained off area with a couple of truckle beds for overnighters and a small stair/ladder to a landing viewing area where you would be able to look through a screen down on the rest of the Great Hall and over to the entrance area of the building.  Lighting will be mostly individual candle settings, I think.  All fantasy at the moment and compromises will have to be made with practicality.

Plan B

Friend, Isla, gave me some sheets of very thin wood sheeting, which I think are meant for fine marquetry, possibly(?) and the surface has become a little wavy and bubbly .  I need to press them either before or after I cut to size and before trying to apply to the wall surface as the ground area of the panelling.  I bought some square section wood strips at the York Dolls House Fair which I may use for some of the panel strips mixed between wider pieces, or it may constitute all of the strips.  The cardboard plaster lengths have a heavier design than I at first had in mind, but they are what are lying around and they do ‘go’ with the Aran type design of the external pargetting.

Bits of wood and cardboard placed to give general drift of thoughts.

instead of plain plaster infill with beams

Possibility 1

instead of plain plaster infill with beams

and 2

There is a small square area, higher up the wall at the far right end of this length of wall (not quite visible in pic of right end, sorry) and it sits above the general level of the wood panelling.  It’s over stonework and this might possibly benefit from some motif or compass/nautical type image or larger light fitting.

I’m a little restricted at the moment due to other duties and don’t want to bring any paints, glues or sprays anywhere near the feline patient, but I might bring in the wood and batons and generally try to plan, all over the kitchen table, a firmer layout than this woolly description.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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