Plaster and child doing fine


Cutting all these bits of wood is have a bad effect on my brain, sorry.  Plaster has stabilised and I’ve now darkened down some bits of it and carved other bits off.  Have also removed some of the larger cracks but have left some and have gone more for lumps fallen off instead.  May yet play further.

Firstly, here’s a pic of the fuzzy glass effect mentioned previously.  This close up shows just how bad I am at drawing the lines even inside the grooves.  (Also the glass wants cleaning)

antique effect glass in Jacobean style window

Tudor external infill plaster work in need of repair

Lumps missing – staying with this ‘look’ at least for the moment

Tudor style plaster infill walling above Medieval style stonework

Bit of wall in situ

Going to have to put better lighting in this workspace!  At this time of year the sun doesn’t get over the hill opposite and all day is drear.

On with the next wall – a long one with three windows.  I will get better at it, honestly.  Practice makes … ?


[Was going through the suggested links WordPress automatically provide to accompany a blog entry and came across one about gluten in band aids/plasters.  Apparently it can be absorbed through the skin and is causing mega problems for the very sensitive. – You certainly live and learn.  It’s a little like returning to days of a mustard plaster and a bread poultice:  all very Elizabethan.]



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