No sooner posted and walked away than …

Glove Leather!

Leather with T-shirt transfer

This transfer is ironed on to a raw leather face. As long as it isn’t rubbed a great deal it seems to be fairly stable

Leather with a T-shirt transfer ironed on

Ironed on to ‘fair’ side of a slightly miss-stained piece – makes it look v interesting

Both images have come up shiny due to the overhead lighting, but look fairly matt ‘in the flesh’, if you will forgive the phrase.  (Apologies to all vegetarians and vegans for the use of the material.)

They have a much better look than the woven fabric items – reckon I may play on a little longer and see how the leather behaves when cut into odd shapes and how it looks when hanging.  Could be OK if I used a stitched thong to suspend them from the poles.


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    • Just going to have a play with cutting implements and see if it goes all curly when cut – the leather gives a better overall feel tho, so I’m hoping that it will work. Worst comes to worst I can use them for upholstering footstools and chair backs, perhaps.

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