O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’


The Jabberwocky

So, just how many days has that been?

Feeling somewhat mole like, emerging from the self-imposed imprisonment of carrying out the task at hand, I blink in the unaccustomed daylight.  That’s enough of that.

It’s done and it’s a-gluing-drying.  148 pieces of bits to stick down are now stuck down.  You can imagine just how far out of alignment you can get by the time you reach the edges!  So don’t look too closely.

Great Hall ceiling 1/12th scale

How unsquare can it be?  Really don’t look too closely – there are truly ‘orrible bits

The wonky chandelier was fun to make but hell to put in place and I must have tested and retested the lights all morning, every time I had to re-thread the light in place and remove it again because I’d forgotten something or the wiring join burst under pressure.  However, it’s up there now – how long for, only usage and time will show.  Is it a bit close to the ceiling?  Well, yes.  By the sixth time of offering it up, the light began to behave with a little more stability.  That was when I realised it was missing a bead for added length.  Hmm.  But the wiring join had worked so much more easily without the bead – so I left the bead out and gave the wire a rest after all that fiddling.

Being a bit of a loony, I’ve added a rope and pulley (non-operative) to the light.  Well, how else are we going to be able to change the candles, prey, if we do not lower the chandelier a little?

Great Hall chandelier - 1/12th scale

Length of rope from pulley to pulley – could have been more taut but this was the best I could do, your honour

Great Hall 1/12th scale

Ceiling dirted by candles and fireplace, with added grease and soot – first pulley from the light.  Super carved bead as main light shank and rest carved from bits of a bottle cork) as are the pulleys

second pulley

Second pulley

wall cleat for rope off second pulley

Twirly wall cleat for rope off second pulley – I love florists wire

The finished colour for the ceiling came out really well – the wood has been stained, re-stained, rubbed down and re-stained again to give as close a colouring as possible to the bronze motifs.  The result is a very warm look overall, reflecting the chandelier light and making interesting shadows.

The coving and rings on the pillar capitals had some fussy decoration added by me earlier, but I’ve painted the top edge and neck ring in the bronze and over painted the coving, leaving some of the under pattern bleeding through to break up the richness of the bronzing and give more highlight and shadow.

bronze coving

Bronzed coving and change in colour to pillar caps

It wasn’t what I set out to do (see original design link below) but has more of a definite period feel about it.  Overall, I’m quite pleased (possibly because it’s now a done job!)

Now it’s up the stairs and sort out that area.

Great Hall 1/12th scale - light of one 4-candle chandelier

… and just for a bit of atmosphere

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