Half way there and the difficult bits to come


Ceiling progress or lack of it

Do  you ever get those days when you know you really shouldn’t have started out in the first place?  When the job in front of you could have been sidestepped for a couple of days?  I think that this was probably one of them.  So why didn’t I leave the task till feeling perkier?  Well, to be honest, I was worried I’d lose half the dratted little bits.  So, I had a go before they could go walk-about.  Could be worse but certainly could be better.

Great Hall ceiling

Yesterday’s bits glued on but, oh, I’m not a happy bunny but the pigeon sits patiently waiting

Things are glued in place and others have been cut ready.  A little of the ‘dirtying up’ of the area directly above the chandelier has been added but more will be needed.  The hole through for the wiring has been put in place and the channeling above is carved in.  Not yet sealed the edges and joins on room ceiling edge areas, but will leave those till I am as sure as I can be that none of the ceiling wood is going to interface with the coving in the wrong way.

The whole thing could be worse but I’m reserving comment till I’ve done with it; there’s still too much to go so, so wrong.

After all … tomorrow is another day – exit stage left.


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