I like a nice bit of atmosphere plus howling dog


Towards progress – onwards and upwards

The ceiling calls

The last few days have been filled with adding finishing bits, struts, etc and retouching scrapes and filling holes.  Well not quite filled with just these.  I’ve attempted to make a chandelier for this end of the Great Hall (have tested it) and built the hearth/fire for the big fireplace.

Whilst thinking through the lighting for the room (some of which I don’t think I can do till I dress the outside stone walls with creepers and trees*), I needed to think through the possible furniture.  Yes, it was time to deck the Hall, at least temporarily.

This is not necessarily how it is going to be but it was a great opportunity because:

  1. I like playing
  2. It helps to see what’s missing (pardon?!)
  3. It cheers me up
  4. and I can see what needs lighting and what furniture might fit

The pictures do seem to have become fixated with animals, but they help inhabit the set nicely.

There is trailing wire everywhere at present, and the table should have something a little more serious than ale and bread but they were ready to hand at the time.

I like to record images in different lights both to judge the look and to assess just how much lighting the room can take or do without.

(* Hoping to light through the stained glass windows and want to try to hide LED strips in overhanging branches – might win, might lose on that one)

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