The invention of the helter-skelter


Interim report

Time to back off and let things set.  More edgings and thin bits to follow but the ceiling seems to fit more or less, so that’s a relief.  Must sort out the lighting before I put the ceiling in but at least I can get back to designing the layout of it again.

And yes, that is a pigeon in the right-hand window.

A girl has to get her fun somewhere.

drying helter-skelter plus pigeon

Fillings and glues to dry before more can be done, however do seem to have re-invented the helter-skelter

A Smattering of Interesting Bits:

  • Helter-sketler
“tumultuous disorder; confusion.
1585–95;  rhyming compound, perhaps based on *skelt, Middle English skelten  to hasten (< ?); reduplication with initial h  parallel to hubble-bubble, higgledy-piggledy,  etc.” (quoted from:

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