Another episode in the exciting screen adventure …


Fiddly?  Did I say fiddly?

I’ve enjoyed designing and putting together this screen (so far).  Still have to varnish the frontage a few more times with matte finish and tidy up and finish then varnish the back.  There will be, undoubtedly some touch ups to do too.

One of the remaining jobs involves working out the lengths for the bottom beam sections.  The bits need to allow for the bend but look solid enough, as though they are part of the ‘foundation’ of the screen.  May have to play around a little.  I will also have to play with possible end pieces where the screen meets either side of the opening.  I’ve various ideas to hand but, until the whole thing is up and attached, I can’t make a final decision.  It may turn out that each end has a different infill/strut.

The biggest headache/fear is that I’m going to bust the whole shebang.  The windows are fragile and, until the structure is finally glued to the stairs there are too many opportunities for me to stick my fingers through where they should not be.  (Not to mention dropping it.)

Ah, yes, there is the other headache:  once the screen is firmly attached, I have to offer up the ceiling/floor above and adjust and assess.  At least once beyond that step I can get back, at last, to actually doing that ceiling.

Apologies if photos are a bit bright and cold.  I haven’t got the lighting sorted out yet in new work space and they are all taken under the influence of the table work light.

one window in and cornice in place

One window in and cornice in place

 three windows in and down struts in place

Offering up the delicate object.  Three windows in and both struts in place.

shields in place and laquered

Tiles as decoration added and coat of varnish drying

The top tiles have a couple of patterns chosen from books of decoration of the period and the bottom ones have Merchant marks added.  These were used to identify goods being shipped as belonging to a particular Merchant and many of these were based upon variations on the number 4 with repeats and additions of other lines. Some are extremely decorative and others look like dangerous yoga moves.   All the decoration on the tiles on the screen is done firstly with a black marker and then overpainted with dark bronze enamel, giving more of a shadow and depth result when combined.

viewing thro window to back of tower and other windows

I really enjoy peeking through windows – in this case, in order to look out of a farther one on the other side of the Tower.

 view of window on btm turn of stairs

long view with fireplace breast and an arm

One screen offered up, one chimney breast, one arm

To-date, I reckon that if you squinny at it in the half light it doesn’t look too bad, considering.


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