The screen, the screen and nothing but the screen


We don’t want the little imaginary people to fall off the stairs, do we?

I’m building a ‘screen’ (well you’d never guess from the title would you?). It’s to edge the spiral staircase at mid-level as it rises above the Great Hall.  I fancied some Medieval/Tudor looking item with a bit of delicacy and possibly something vaguely heraldic without being too intrusive.  Subdued colouring echoing the mish-mash already present.  First flights of fancy were about something Alhambra-ish as Moorish influences were entering design during the extended period of the fantasy building.


  1. Too small and cramped an area
  2. Would be too fragile for the curve
  3. Would possibly clash with the already heavily patterned Great Hall (parts I and II)

Having adjusted my aim, I’m enjoying putting together the elements I’ve selected to use.

Story so far in pictures but goodness knows if it will be what I can see in my head when in place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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