Puzzle planning a juggling act


So much to do so little brain power with which to work

Having worked out the roofline and thereby the necessary height at the eaves for the next floor walls I’ve now returned to the ground floor.

It’s now a matter of balancing the order of solid construction and light fixture placements before and during making, and adding that ceiling/floor piece.  (Once I’ve built that.)

Towards this I’ve added another light near the top of the spiral stairway – a big torch matching the bottom one; filled in any remaining gaps and painted up any obvious damage and infill eyesores.  Then I started with the cornicing to give a linking decoration between pillars whilst providing a more ‘finished’ edge to the ceiling.

New workroom

I’ve just moved some of my bits to a room I’ve recently ‘acquired’ after the removal of daughter’s goods and chattels.  It’s intended to move the whole shebang in here when completed (derisive laughter) and it’s ready for dressing.  And yes, it does go through our doorways.

I’m enjoying the new space, change of venue and natural light.  I wonder how long it will be before I make this area unworkable with my clutter.  It does mean that some bits are in one place and (hopefully) bits relating to current messing are in another.  Don’t you just know that you’ll be holding something in place at the exact spot needed and with both hands when you realise that what you want is two rooms and a corridor away?  So far I’ve managed to both mark the ‘spot’ and go fetch or even remember to equip myself before starting.

There’s nothing majorly dramatic to see with the cornice (other than it could have been painted better) but I think it brings the elements of the room at ceiling level together (literally) and you can see from the pics that I’ve now moved on to trying to build a curved screen on the edge of the spiral.  This will possibly run to ceiling level so needs to be decided on/completed now.  There are lighting wires to run up the sides or pillars that need planning/placing almost immediately but first I’m just going to work on that curved bannister arrangement, so close your ears as there is about to be lots of bad mumbling – it’s going to be a very delicate job.

close up of cornice

It’s going to need some faking in where it meets the curve of the pillar capital

over fireplace

Had to cut in the top points of the tile decoration a little to maintain ceiling line

room with cornincing

Long view showing first mock-up of basic shell for stair screen – and someone should sweep this floor


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