Progress by stealth – must up the pace a little


What’s to do with Great Hall 2

Been seriously stuck on decorating recently ‘liberated’ parts of our living quarters so have had little time to do more than consider and plan the doll’s house model.  But I’m creeping up on it and intend to take it by surprise next week.

My next steps involve the ceiling of the Great Hall part 2 and, of course the floor above.  I’ve cut the gatorboard that makes up this area and offered it up.  And yes, your eyes do not deceive you; the floor/ceiling is bigger than the Hall down below.  I’m going to have a little experiment, but more about that (hopefully) later.


Offering up the gatorboard – from below in Great Hall (in horribly cold lighting!)

Have added the short, straight stair run from the top of the spiral stair to the floor above.  The underneath is going to be planked and patterned (probably).  Pillars and other fancy bits along with completion of wall section joints are yet to be done, too.

Room_above_Great_Hall_floor_long view

Long view of ceiling/floor in room above Great Hall

– and yes, it’s bigger on top than underneath.  Fireplace space has torch light wiring coming through.


Overview of floor at spiral stair


Reverse view of flooring at spiral stair end – you can see one of the overhangs clearly here

I’m quite pleased with the look of the spiral and straight stair and the way they run up to the ceiling/floor piece.  I had been very doubtful of my calculations for this area and, once I’d realised how out of scale the spiral really was (no one over 4 foot could possibly go up them without being on their hands and knees!) the whole maths thing went out of the window.  That was when I added the straight stair which does also add interest with its different shaping and opens up the top of the stairs nicely.


Sweep of spiral and straight stair – gives a pleasing shape


View of straight stairs through a Tower window

The spiral stairs and the straight run came in different shades of grey.  I made them more sandstone looking using scrapings from chalk pastels finger rubbed in and fixed with a watered down version of Mod Podge.  The strange stone things at the top of the spiral are strange stone things.  I added them (along with painted over generous helpings of wood filler) to fit the rounded shape of the spiral into the non-rounded shape of the Tower.

Great Hall floor from spiral stair landing

Looking down on Great Hall floor from spiral stair landing

Here we have a clear view of some of the wood filler still to be coloured in.  I left this till last as the pillar on the left houses the wiring for the torch just below at entry level to the stairs.  It’s channeled into the back of the woodwork and comes out in the fireplace upstairs.  I may run this off a battery along with a couple of other lights.

No more creeping up by stealth – next week the ceiling!


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