Sit back and stuff yourself in the company of good friends – Fireplace review 2


Tudor family dining room – or is it Jacobean?

This is my favourite room so far.  When it was dressed up with some of the items it will eventually contain it actually looked and felt  the part.

Tudor Jacobean dining room

My favourite room in the house

The minimal candle lighting, with a little daylight filtered light from where the window will be, make the photos very atmospheric.

sideboard Tudor dining room

Sideboard and another box lid for the back

The fireplace got pushed into the corner because I didn’t want it on a side wall, preferring a full on view of the flickering fire.  If it had been any further along the wall you’d have fallen into it as you entered from the Hall.  It probably isn’t a too realistic positioning but there it is.

It is constructed from lovely, small wooden boxes which I cut up and broke apart.  Yup, I did do that, but I didn’t waste a single bit.  They are built onto a small wooden and mountboard frame with some of the fibreglass panelling across the top to go with the painted panelling on the walls.  The painting could have been better but look quite effective in candlelight.

The pediment moulding, the flower badge at the top of the chimney breast and the fire grate back are made with Fimo and painted over or rubbed down to fade down the black of the Fimo.

With the flickering fire going it really is a welcoming room.  The fibreglass panelling was a pain to stick to the walls but was ideal for the chimney breast and took paint quite well.  I’d first darkened all the panelling with a layer of watered down matte finish glue and a little brown paint mixed in.  I found this necessary not only to get a little more contrast in the grain but also to deaden the shine of the surface.

The two different types of wood (from the boxes) and the wood paneling together made a pleasant contrast of shades of brown which the dark fire grate rounds off, I think.

All in all, a fireplace to warm your feet at in a room in which to enjoy life, miniature or otherwise.

Tudor Jacobean fireplace

Fireplace in a corner

Tudor Elizabethan fireplace

Detail of the grate, box lid mantel and Fimo pediment

Tudor, Elizabethan, Jacobean fireplace
Tudor dining room

A welcoming table

Elizabethan dining room

Spot the silver candle snuffer?


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