Taking stock of patterns

I have tried throughout to add colour, texture and pattern to the model as I’ve gone along and now need to assess what I’ve got and what it might be a good idea to add in the rest of the building.

If there’s one thing I’ve brought away with me from visits to buildings of the period, be they never so humble, it’s that folk then were no different from folk now when it came to the love of decoration in their homes, and many times they were more inventive.  Just like us they wanted to tart up the place according to whatever prevailing fashion had reached their locality.  And just like us the standard of work would vary according to whom they could afford and what craftsmen were available to them.

The intention had been to have the building range from about 1450 with a stop date of 1616.  It’s a little provincial so they might not be quite up to the knocker on the latest fashions in décor, but, probably, being Levant merchants, had access to all sorts of goodies from the Med and Near and Far East.  These imported items would include ideas for architectural and decorative fancies.

Great Hall decor – where to from here?

Great Hall – first half

Great Hall fireplace 1

Fimo, buttons, and wood beading on a raised pattern paper

This section of the Great Hall is more or less decorated up to the point of soft furnishing.  I’m thinking of green brocade hangings (as in the Holbein painting “The Ambassadors“) and furniture with cushion shapes or carpets strewn around on them.  Possibly the odd banner.  Predominantly greenish where possible with touches of other primary colours.

possible fabrics

Swatches of possibles

Medieval type tiles

Medieval type tiles

ceiling and qtr beam pattern

Painted ceiling and pattern quarter beams

green flower stencil

Green flower stencil on wall at top of stairs on minstrel gallery

Great Hall murals and pillars

Hall murals and pillars at equivalent of 7-8 feet up

wall panels in Hall

Wall panels high up in Hall

If banners are hung it will be along this wall either side of the fireplace.

I have made some with merchant marks on one side and coats of arms on the other, but am not sure if sizing is suitable or if I can achieve the type of look I’m after.

Once the odd figure is added the room is going to look very crowded.  Why is it that 12th scale figures just look huge in a more or less 12th scale room?

offfice wall scribblings

Scribblings on office walls - just of Hall


  • Detail from Art– theinfill blog page on research of paintings of the period
  • The textile blogElizabethan Ornament — an amazing blog with great links to further info, research and images
  • V&A – Tudor period


What was going on in 1616?

Reviewing the situation


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