If it were done …

(from the Scottish play)  – tho it were not well if ‘twere done quickly!

re original (now first half) Great Hall

Too dark – the panel backing wood took the stain too quickly.  Some darkening is needed to give the look of dirt and smoke from fire, candles, the odd flambeaux and tobacco pipe.  But having created darkness can I then relume an itsy bit? (ref Othello ActV ScII) without making a total unprintable mess?  ‘Probably ’twere best ’twere let be? (me)

Do you get displacement activity days?  Sorting to do so you let some other niggle take over and tackle that instead?  Well I just did that.  The second half of the Hall is coming along steadily but slowly and I’m fairly sure of the colour scheme for the ceiling.  The first half was left vague till set dressing time but its ceiling is done.  It’s the panelling that should have been tarted up at time of construction but got put off.

Why cackhanded – well I am, both literally and well, literally.  Draw, write and paint with left hand – knit, crochet etc with right.  Give me something that should be held up one way (tho not the bairn) and chances are it will end up on its head.

The trick – or how I  figure to get round this

Ever used colour water crayons?  They look like crayons, sharpen just the same and I think you are supposed to colour an item or area and then lightly blend with a dampish brush. Because they can be made quite sharp they were safer for me to use than a fine brush.  I use them directly having dipped the pencil sparingly in water and then use a brush to smooth or reduce effect.   I had a colouring in day.  Not anywhere near as good a result as it might have been done at a more sensible time, but looks like old plaster and wood painting that’s caught some of the daily muck and wear of time.

Hope is that when any soft furnishing is added to dress the scene it will bring out the colours a little.  Meanwhile – spot the difference?

ceiling and wall panels 1

Before today's update ...

ceiling and wall panels 2

and before I get my hands on it again - fairly sure will add some stuck on items to give focus and a little more detail

Cackhanded crafter strikes again


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